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Last Updated March 25, 2011

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Welcome to Craigs Web! Craigsweb.com You will find everything from sex to Shakespeare here. I hope you will take the time to look around, as there is lots of good stuff if you take the time to find it. I started this site in 1994, since then I have been adding what ever I come across that I find interesting. I have built this page as a personal experiment with HTML, but it is my hope that you will find it a fun and useful information resource. I am a Windows 3.x/95/XP user, so most of the files and programs available here are for those platforms.

I'm finally updating this page in 2011 but am leaving it much as it appeared in 1994 so you can see what "Home Pages" looked like back then. If you want to compare this 1994 era website to my 2011 website check out my new CraigHarris.org website.

You can also find me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Harris62

Yes, that is me. I never have found a picture I am happy with, so my page is randomly showing the pictures that I have. Press your "reload" button to see the others. Right now there are three, one taken in Canterbury last year (1995) and another taken several years ago (1992) when I lived in Oregon. Since I'm finally doing some updates to this site I've added a more recent (2008) picture of myself.

Craig Harris from Belmont California


Items of Interest

Pets In Need Logo

Gilligan and Skipper were rescued by Pets In Need!
Please do me a favor and visit the Pets In Need home page. If you could manage to make a donation please do it in the names of Gilligan and Skipper. They are two cats that my friend Don and I found on a half sunken boat in the San Francisco Bay. They were so hungry they had been eating the wood off the boat. We brought them food and water on our jet skis while looking for a home and hoping the boat didn't sink completely. The SPCA was full and would have put them to sleep after 3 days. Pets In Need came to the rescue and cared for them.


More Pages I've Written

A pretty buttonCraig's Page -- Pictures and Stuff
A pretty buttonWWW Links -- My favorite sites on the web. Lots of great resources.
UPDATED January 23, 2011
A pretty buttonTHE COMPLETE INTERNET SEX RESOURCE GUIDE -- The title says it!
UPDATED February 19, 2011
A pretty buttonEssays -- Writings by myself and others.
A pretty buttonHieronymus Bosch Art Page -- A page devoted to my favorite artist.
UPDATED February 14, 2011


Other Web Sites I've Built

Craig Harris is my 2010 version of this site. In BLOG format I post useful and interesting tidbits I find during my day on the 'Net.

Thor's Cape Parrot Infomation which is all about these rare parrots. I have one who's name is Thor. He is the brains behind this site.

The Safe Sex Don't Forget Your Condom Page Here you will find condom history, condom humor, safe sex information and the best place to buy quality condoms at great prices.


Trick Software

These are programs I have come across that I think stand out. I'm not paid to post them.

GuinnessAll you fellow Guinness Drinkers are going to love this -- a Guinness Screen Saver(1,323K). This is a hilarious animated screen saver done in Monty Python style, but if you don't drink Guinness I doubt you will get the humor. This file was sent to my FTP site and I really want to thank the anonymous uploader who sent it!

Scorch TankScorch players I have the new Scorch Version 1.5 (691K) available for download. This is an all new version of Scorch - The Mother of All Games, check it out. For those of you have never heard of Scorch it is an old multi-player DOS tank game, recently updated. It doesn't have 3D graphics but it is one game I have never become bored with.


Anti-Aging HGH releaser
Anti-Aging HGH releaser

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Again, thanks for visiting Craig's Home Page. These pages are a testing ground for my experiments with new web technologies. I am just experimenting as I go. I hope you have found the content of my pages informative or at least entertaining.
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