Hieronymus Bosch c.1450 - 1516

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Portrait of Bosch Portrait of Hieronymus Bosch
Arras, Bibliothèque Municipal Arras
Perhaps a self portrait of Bosch at an advanced age. It is assumed this portrait was done shortly before his death in 1516. (61K)

Ship of Fools Ship of Fools
Paris, Musèe National du Louvre
A condemnation of those in religious orders, generally dated to Bosch's middle period. It shows two nuns and a monk carousing with a group of peasants in a boat. (74K)

Fragment of Garden of Earthly Delights - Birdheaded Monster Detail of the left wing of the Garden of Earthly Delights
Madrid, Museo del Prado
The bird-headed monster devours damned souls then defecates them into a chamber pot after which the fall into a foul pit. Many of the seven deadly sins can be seen around the monster. The slothful man is visited in his bed by demons. The glutton is forced to vomit into the pit. Vanity is forced to view her reflection in the backside of the devil. (61K)

Garded of Earthly Delights Center panel of the Garden of Earthly Delights
Madrid, Museo del Prado
It has been suggested that the hairy couple in the mouth of the cave in the lower right corner of the garden represent Adam and Eve after their expulsion from Eden. The man behind Adam is Noah, who re-founded the human race after the flood. (144K)

The Miser Death of the Miser
Washington, National Gallery of Art
This painting shows that man persists in his folly even at the moment of his death. Death has already entered the misers bed chamber on the left. His guardian angel tries to draw his attention to the crucifix in the window, but his attention is on the bag of gold being held by the demon. (65K)


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