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10 Reasons to use Condoms

  1. Condoms are the only contraceptive that also help prevent the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's) including HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) when used properly and consistently.
  2. Condoms are one of the most reliable methods of birth control when used properly and consistently.
  3. Condoms have none of the medical side effects of systemic birth control methods.
  4. Condoms are available in various shapes, colours, flavours, textures and sizes - to heighten the fun of making love with condoms.
  5. Condoms can help to provide women with protection from cancer of the cervix.
  6. Condoms are now widely available in pharmacies, supermarkets and convenience stores. You don't usually need a prescription or a visit to the doctor.
  7. Condoms make sex less messy.
  8. Condoms are user friendly. With a little practice, they can also add confidence to the enjoyment of sex.
  9. Condoms are an essential necessity of modern life for many people.
  10. Condoms are only needed for sex unlike most systemic contraceptives which requires you to 'take' them all the time.

10 Confidence Tips

This 10 point guide will help ensure that when the time comes to make love, you feel relaxed and confident about using condoms resulting in safe and enjoyable sex for both you and your partner.

  1. Keep condoms handy at all times - they are not big, they weigh next to nothing and if things start getting steamy (or big), you'll be ready. Never find yourself having to rush out at the crucial moment to buy condoms - at the hight of passion you may not!
  2. When you buy condoms don't get embarrassed. If anything, be proud. It shows that you are confident and responsible and when the time comes it will all be worthwhile. It's fun (and less embarrassing!) to go shopping for condoms with your partner or a friend. You can even shop discreetly on the internet.
  3. When you buy your condoms, you will find there are all kinds of makes, shapes, thicknesses and sizes available. Look for quality brands. This isn't a place to get cheap.
  4. Talking with your partner abouty using a condom beforehand removes anxiety when making love. Knowing where you both stand before the passion starts will make you a lot more confident.
  5. If you are new to condoms, the best way to learn how to use them is to practise putting them on, by yourself. It doesn't take long to become a master.
  6. It might be an idea to keep your condoms on the bedside table. This provides easy access at the appropriate moment, and also displays your intentions to practise safer sex.
  7. Make all the preparation count by always putting on your condom before you and your partner have penetrative sex. And girls, if you are carrying the condoms, make sure your partner puts it on.
  8. If you feel that condoms interrupt your passion, then try introducing it into your lovemaking. It can be really sexy if your partner helps you put it on.
  9. Remember not to leave condoms lying around. Once a condom has been used it should be disposed of properly by wrapping it in a tissue and putting it in the garbage.
  10. Rember condoms are the only contraceptive that also help protect you and your partner against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV, the virus causing AIDS.

How to use a Condom

Go here for step by step instructions.

Center for Disease Control Statement on the Effectiveness of Condoms

The proper and consistent use of latex condoms when engaging in sexual intercourse--vaginal, anal, or oral--can greatly reduce a person's risk of acquiring or transmitting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection.

Under laboratory conditions, viruses occasionally have been shown to pass through natural membrane ("skin" or lambskin) condoms, which contain natural pores and are therefore not recommended for disease prevention. On the other hand, laboratory studies have consistently demonstrated that latex condoms provide a highly effective mechanical barrier to HIV.

In order for condoms to provide maximum protection, they must be used consistently (every time) and correctly. Incorrect use contributes to the possibility that the condom could leak or break. Proper use should include the following:

When condoms are used reliably, they have been shown to prevent pregnancy up to 98 percent of the time among couples using them as their only method of contraception. Similarly, numerous studies among sexually active people have demonstrated that a properly used latex condom provides a high degree of protection against a variety of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection.

Condoms are classified as medical devices and are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Each latex condom manufactured in the United States is tested for defects, including holes, before it is packaged, and several studies clearly show that condom breakage rates in this country are less than 2 percent. Even when condoms do break, one study showed that more than half of such breaks occurred prior to ejaculation.

Latex condoms can provide up to 98-99 percent protection against pregnancy and most sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection, but only if they are used consistently and correctly.

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