Cure Your SLEEP Problems
Cure Your SLEEP Problems

OK, I am finally updating this page. My plan is to replace all the individual pictures with galleries of photos. Some of the galleries will be general interest pictures but most will be pictures that I have taken in my travels that say something about me. My first gallery shows the work of my favorite artist Hieronymus Bosch. Born around 1450 Bosch, in my opinion, is the father of surrealist painting. I haven't started my next gallery yet. At this point it could be anything, perhaps pictures of my cats, or maybe me in my birthday suit. You can download larger versions of these pictures by clicking on them.

Bodium castleThis is a picture of my favorite castle, Bodium built in East Sussex in 1385. (19K)

HovercraftHere is the hovercraft Queen Margaret. She carries both cars and passengers and can make the crossing between Calais and Dover in 45 minutes. (35K)

Craig Harris jet skiingThis is me jet skiing on San Francisco Bay during the summer of 1995. (92K)

Craig Harris racing my motorcycleHere is a photo of me taken at Sears Point Raceway. It was taken during the 1988 season while I was competing in the 250 production class. (17K)

Craig Harris standing by my PanteraHere is another photo of me, this time standing with my Pantera. (56K)

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